Certified DBT Clinician

Tracy Jendritza, Psy.D., DBT-LBC

I have been providing DBT since 2000.  I was first introduced to DBT in graduate school and was instantly sure DBT would be a significant part of my life. I worked at the Portland DBT Program for 10 years where I first managed the eating disorder program and then moved into the role of assistant program director. During this time I achieved the highest level of training, supervised clinicians, and managed the program. Since 2010 I have been providing full fidelity DBT and DBT informed treatment in private practice and small group practice settings. In 2018 I achieved the DBT certification by the DBT Linehan Board of Certification.

I very much appreciate the skills and strategies offered by DBT and find that they fit my personality and are comfortable and rewarding to provide. It is satisfying and rewarding to offer a treatment that results in such significant improvements. I am grateful to be on the journey with my clients as they heal and develop a life worth living.

Tracy Jendritza

Certified DBT Clinician

Darcy Norling, Psy.D., DBT-LBC

I first learned about DBT while in graduate school. I remember sitting in that class and immediately feeling I had found my calling. I threw myself fully into studying this treatment and learning the model to the highest level of training possible.

I have conducted DBT since 2003. I first trained at the Portland DBT Institute for approximately five years, where I managed the adolescent clinic. I moved into private practice in 2010 and have practiced in a small group setting since this time. I believe strongly in adhering to the researched model of DBT and do all that I can to provide the highest level of care. In 2018 I achieved the DBT certification by the DBT Linehan Board of Certification.

I believe DBT offers a new way of viewing the world and of relating to people. DBT is so much more than a psychological treatment. It is a way of life. I am honored to be able to help individuals learn this new path and to reduce their suffering along the way.

Darcy Norling

Missy Adams

Missy Adams, born and raised in the Snoqualmie foothills outside of Seattle, graduated from Washington State University in 2009 with a degree in International Business and a minor in Spanish. She has a strong background in hospitality and customer service, property management, and accounting. She is the Operations and Property Manager of NW Portland’s tiny home hotel.

Missy is the office manager and referral coordinator for the program. Missy works as a liaison between NW DBT, insurance companies, and clients, answering any and all patient questions regarding the accounting side of their sessions.  She is the first point of contact with the program and will answer questions about the program, gather initial client information and manage the client placement process.

Please feel free to reach out regarding any account reconciliation questions or to become a new client at Northwest DBT

Missy Adams