Northwest DBT is dedicated to continuing to provide services to our community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are able to offer teletherapy to new and existing patients, and we remain open to new referrals. Please reach out should you have any questions about how to get started with teletherapy.

Teletherapy Consent

Please go to your carepaths account and complete the teletherapy consent if you have not already done so.  You can access your account at  If you do not remember your login contact your therapist.

The process on carepaths is as follows:

  1. In the Clinical box click on the clinical documents button
  2. At the top left click the blue button called create clinical documents
  3. From the pulldown menu select the NW DBT teletherapy consent and complete it.

You can also a download a printable teletherapy consent form here  and email it to your therapist.

Zoom Teletherapy

We have decided to use Zoom as our teletherapy platform. We have secured a HIPAA compliant version of this platform that meets and exceeds industry standards regarding privacy.

To access your Zoom session:

  1. Go to and sign up for an account.
  2. You can access the Zoom platform via the above website, an app on your computer or an app on your phone. You can find these apps within your device app store.
  3. You will enter into the waiting room of your service at the time of your service.
  4. To enter into the waiting room you will need a password. Your therapist will provide you with this information. Passwords will be the same for all individual and group sessions.

Accessing Your Zoom Teletherapy Sessions

Click on the below links to access your specific therapist or group. If you decide to log-in through Zoom, the meeting numbers associated with each are next to each therapist/group. These links/IDs will remain consistent each week.

Links to the individual therapists:

Tracy Jendritza (CLICK HERE)   Meeting ID: 774 967 7095

Darcy Norling (CLICK HERE)   Meeting ID: 716 667 9695

Links to the Adolescent groups are as follows:

Tuesday 5:00 – Adolescent Skills Training Group  Meeting ID: 562 088 241

Tuesday 6:00 – Skills Adolescent Training Group  Meeting ID: 122 479 334

Wednesday 4:00 – Skills Adolescent Training Group  Meeting ID: 920 075 733

Links to Adult groups are as follows:

Monday 12:00 – Adult Skills Training Group  Meeting ID: 411 807 650

Monday 3:30 – Adult Skills Training Group Meeting ID: 861 8180 8267

Monday 4:30 – Adult Skills Training Group Meeting ID: 841 4378 9798

Tuesday 4:00 – Adult Skills Training Group  Meeting ID: 624 594 844

Tuesday 6:00 – Adult Skills Training Group  Meeting ID: 988 725 978

Links to other DBT groups:

Tuesday 12:00 – Young Adult Phase II Group, Tracy Jendritza  Meeting ID: 931 2330 4870

Thursday 1:00 – Young Adult Phase II Group, Darcy Norling  Meeting ID: 953 3079 2966

Thursday 3:00 – Adult Phase II Group, Tracy Jendritza  Meeting ID: 964 0630 6449

Thursday 4:00 – Adolescent Phase II Group, Darcy Norling   Meeting ID: 825 857 216

Helpful Hints

  • Arrive into the waiting room 5 minutes before you scheduled time.
  • Have a charger for your device handy.
  • For group, have your binder and homework available.
  • Choose a private area with minimal distractions. Remember to respect group and your own confidentiality.
  • Plan to put other activities or distractions away during your treatment hour.
  • Please remember that our 24 hour no show/late cancellation policy stands for teletherapy appointments. If you are sick, please notify us as soon as possible.

Diary Card

  • You can find the diary card on this website by clicking here.
  • Please text your diary card to your therapist prior to your individual session.

DBT Group Materials

  • Please contact your group skills group leader for skills training materials. We can determine a socially responsible way for you to access the materials if you do not already have a skills training binder.

We know this will be a learning process for all of us. Please feel free to contact us on our mobile phones whenever needed.

Darcy – 503-888-8495
Tracy – 503-703-2233